Sunday, 10 May 2009

3D Living Me2Everyone Shares Update

Due to the growth of me2everyone(m2e) and the possibility of owning part of this company through obtaining virtual shares. It's become apparent that there's been an individual(s) that's hi-jacking the m2e success. One of m2e members reported that they had purchased 600 virtual shares off ebay for under £6.00. When the m2e support team heard about this they advised the m2e member to contact the person who sold him the shares on ebay to get his money back. It must be stressed that m2e shares at present are worthless at present until m2e becomes a PLC(Public Limited Company). Once this has happened shares will be available to it's members. The only way shares can be bought or sold is through the secure m2e company. Anyone wishing to transfer their shares to another person will have to do this in writing. The relevent share transfer forms will need to be completed together with the person(s) share certificate-David Lewis Finance Director(m2e).

Now I don't want to appear like the harbinger of bad news but for some reason m2e has been getting some bad press. The reason for this I guess is that whenever one good word goes out about m2e there's usually nine negative words about the m2e opportunity. It's still amazes me that with over 430,000+ members within me2everyone and over 500 Global Executives it's strange to find people having reservations about this opportunity. The growth of online virtual reality is eminent whether people decide to join or just sit on the fence and watch what happens. M2E have had a few setbacks in the manner of launching its 3d living virtual world however, the directors of m2e have been communicative with all it's members as to the state of progress. Also the launch of the 3d virtual world has been postponed until after the British simmer. With that said since 5th May 2009 another 154 new Global Executives have joined me2everyone.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Virtual Living With Me2Everyone

Virtual living with is a new British company that pre-launched Saturday 10th January 2009. Since it's pre-launch it has 30,000 new members joining every month. I believe this was achived through the leadership and vision of Andy Fisher(Head of Customer Relations), David Lewis(Director of Finance) and Maureen Foers OBE (Director). Anyone who joins instantly receives 250 virtual shares and owns a bit of the company. These shares have real world monetary value as the will become a Public Limited Company(PLC) by December 2012.

At present has over 430,000 members worldwide and the goal is to have 100million members by December 2012. Considering me2everyone is still in it's pre-launch (phase2) This has not discouraged members from "creating ripples" to recruit new member shareholders. Me2everyone members also participate in 10,000 share pool lottery where members are randomly selected for 10,000 me2everyone virtual shares. Okay you maybe wondering how much are these shares are worth. At the time of pre-launch me2everyone have 18,000,000,000 ordinary voting shares(which have been paid for by third party).

A me2everyone share at the time of pre-launch was worth £0.001p However, As the membership of me2everyone grows and businesses join to advertise within me2everyone virtual world membership shares will increase. Me2everyone has already made a forecast on the company's worth in the members area and by December 2009 me2everyone will be worth £400m($600m) and the value of me2everyone shares will be £0.21p!

3D living with has had it's challenges during the pre-launch (phases 1&2) these technical glitches such as new members being signed up under person(s) who did not refer them to Member email support questions getting lost in cyberspace due to a technical glitch on one of their servers. All of these issues have been resolved and I'm sure that with the eminent final launch of me2everyone(May2009).com There will still have minor glitches that'll need tweaking and testing.

Whilst there's a big commitment to make the most visited website on the planet. Members are given the opportunity to influence and shape how the me2everyone virtual global community is implemented. There's a "free" (passive) upgrade to Global Executive whereby anyone can have up to 3000 Customer Care Managers within their me2everyone network. The(passive)Global Executive will have the role of managing informing the board of directors of any reccomendations or suggestions on how me2everyone is organised in relation to it's users/members or business investors. This role as a passive global executive allows you to earn £27,000/$42,000 over a period of 3 years(part-time)

As a (Enhanced) Global Executive(fee £1000 min) you'll be participating in boardroom discussions, webinars and teleconferencing with the possibilty implementing global business expansion strategies. You'll have an active role in training your Customer Care Managers to help the growth of your m2e network. Potentially earning a six figure salary through the performance incentive program. To become a Global Executive you are required to fill out an application and exsiting global executives process the application to determine if you meet the criteria to become a global executive. If you don't meet the criteria you will be given the opportunity to re-apply.

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